Premium Staff, Premium Service

EOG believes quality service begins with a quality staff associate. EOG has developed exclusive team recruiting programs that target professionals in various specialized fields including:

  • Education Officials
  • Military
  • Law Enforcement
  • Accounting
  • Event Management
  • Retired Professionals
  • Management Personnel
  • Sales Professionals
  • Medical Associates
  • Emergency Responders

This enables us to provide the client and patron with a premium staff that delivers an exceptional work ethic, attention to detail and pride in a job well done. Event Operations Group associates understand they not only represent Event Operations Group, but the venue as well. It is our mission to ensure every patron is greeted with a smile and a welcoming gesture, has a safe and enjoyable experience and carries positive memories with them long after the event is over.


Proper People Placement

We recognize that every EOG staff associate is an individual possessing unique strengths and talents. We take this into consideration when assigning post positions, matching the training, qualifications, and personalities of our
associates to the requirements of every position – we call this EOG Proper People Placement.

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Each Event Operations Group associate must pass an extensive background check with no criminal
history or arrest, alcohol and narcotics screening, and is subject to a written examination and physical
fitness evaluation based on positions.

Advanced Training

The More We Know

Event Operations Group has developed an advanced event management employee training level system to ensure that our team not only meets, but exceeds the expectations and needs of our clients. The system represents the level of training and experience attained by each associate and reflects the hourly rate charged for each level. The benefits associated with this system are:

  • The client is free to choose a specific level associate to assign to a designated post.
  • The client saves money on base level positions by choosing only higher level associates for high-profile or critical positions.